When Liam was born 13 weeks premature in July of 2009, weighing just over two pounds, his parents, Jennifer & Jason, were blindsided by his arrival. Within three weeks, Liam was diagnosed with necrotizing enterocolitis, a life-threatening disease that destroys the fragile bowels of premature babies. Jennifer and Jason were devastated by this news and praying for a miracle. Unfortunately this horrible disease overwhelmed Liam's bowels and he passed away in his mother's arms on August 14th.



The Annual Liam Nolen Bradley Memorial Golf Outing

Raising money and awareness for NEC Research

Even though the family was reeling from the loss of Liam, they rallied and were determined to honor their son. "From the beginning," Jennifer says, "My dad wanted something good to come from this." And something has. The Bradleys & Nolens have kept Liam's memory alive by creating a golf-outing fundraiser in his honor. The outing is a "huge family affair". Extended family remembers Liam by helping to plan and promote the event, and by donating prizes.